The Anti-Rafe

Under the “read more” link is a short story I found on my flash drive. It’s as finished as it’s gonna get, because I submitted it to a writing contest in 2015 (didn’t win or even place). Might as well get some “mileage” out of it by putting it here. A word of warning: It’s about high school kids, so there’s some questionable language. 🙂

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 43


Halfway through the day,
the cold, misty rain turned to snow.
I couldn’t help but see it
as a positive sign.
When I walked outside
and saw the school
(my school)
slowly being blanketed
under a furry white coat,
I felt calm.
Even as the wind whipped
and flung snow into my face,
stinging my eyes and turning my cheeks
as red as rubies,
I became serene.
There’s something about snow
that’s almost magical.
The way it sparkles, the way it silences all sound.
Just saying the word snow
is like casting a spell
to make things better.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 42

Ugly, Ugly Jealousy

I know it’s a horrible thing
to be jealous of a person like Lindsey,
but it has overtaken me.
What did she do to attract a guy like him?
Is it because she’s so pitiful?
Because she’s so alone? (So am I.)
Because she’s picked on? (So am I.)
Because she’s poor? (I’m not.)
I could almost hate her,
but I stopped myself before
I sounded worse than
Maddy and Amanda.
Believe me, it was hard to stop
the rush of ugly, ugly jealousy.
Instead of acting like a monster,
I turned away from the misty window
and started writing instead.

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