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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 43


Halfway through the day,
the cold, misty rain turned to snow.
I couldn’t help but see it
as a positive sign.
When I walked outside
and saw the school
(my school)
slowly being blanketed
under a furry white coat,
I felt calm.
Even as the wind whipped
and flung snow into my face,
stinging my eyes and turning my cheeks
as red as rubies,
I became serene.
There’s something about snow
that’s almost magical.
The way it sparkles, the way it silences all sound.
Just saying the word snow
is like casting a spell
to make things better.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 42

Ugly, Ugly Jealousy

I know it’s a horrible thing
to be jealous of a person like Lindsey,
but it has overtaken me.
What did she do to attract a guy like him?
Is it because she’s so pitiful?
Because she’s so alone? (So am I.)
Because she’s picked on? (So am I.)
Because she’s poor? (I’m not.)
I could almost hate her,
but I stopped myself before
I sounded worse than
Maddy and Amanda.
Believe me, it was hard to stop
the rush of ugly, ugly jealousy.
Instead of acting like a monster,
I turned away from the misty window
and started writing instead.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 41

Misty Rain

He walked toward me at lunch.
Maybe he wanted to finish
our not-so-conversation
from this morning.
I swore he was looking at me,
but then I got
the paranoid feeling
that he was looking at someone behind me.
My paranoia was real.
He was staring behind me
through the window of the cafeteria
into the misty rain outside.
He was looking at another girl.
I squinted at her through the mist,
and it was only when she turned her head
to look at him that I recognized her.
He was going to sit outside
in the misty rain
with Lindsey, not me.

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