THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 60

Driving Together

A thousand things I have longed to say to him
threatened to tumble out of my mouth all at once.
It must have been a traffic jam,
because I still couldn’t say a thing at all.
I was so flustered by my own speechlessness that I
barely listened to him as he said,
“You’re taking driver’s ed, aren’t you?”
I gave a quick jerk of my head,
and he said, “Well… we’re driving together today.”
Oh. My. God.
How am I supposed to drive with him there?
I can barely even park
how am I supposed to DRIVE?

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 59

Blue Eyes

I couldn’t even say “hi” back.
He had trapped me in his blue eyes.
They paralyzed me and I became stricken.
My lips brushed against his name
as he stood so patiently,
waiting for me to speak.
His face relaxed into a smile,
and he ran his hand through his hair
as if he was as nervous as I was.
He came to stand closer to me,
and he actually said my name.
I didn’t think he even knew my name.
My eyes were still locked onto his.
I didn’t think I had ever seen blue that bright before.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 58

He Talked to Me

I waited after school
for my next driver’s ed lesson.
My hands already began shaking
as I imagined getting behind the wheel again.
Everyone was leaving for the buses
or their cars.
I stood on the balcony
watching for him.
I was not even sure I loved him anymore
because he would not talk to me,
yet somehow I still felt fluttery
when I saw him.
But he was not there.
My hands kept shaking.
Just seeing him would be enough to calm me.
I sensed someone behind me
and turned around to see him
staring at me. His mouth
formed the word

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