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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 137

Preacher Gone

The next person to get suspended
(after the two juniors who had
sex in a bathroom)
was the guy who preached in the cafeteria.
He took so much abuse for what he said.
It was like he martyred himself.
No matter what happened, he’d always be there
talking about God to whoever would listen.
(Usually nobody. It was more like background noise.)
When I walked into the cafeteria,
he was gone. Lunch wasn’t punctuated by shouts of
“Read John 3:16! For God so loved the world…”
In a way, I missed him. He was an archivist
of Bible quotes.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 136

The Last Rumor

Remember that last rumor?
And the fact that I didn’t care about it?
I think I might have been lying to myself.
Because I did care.
Oddly enough,
I felt sorry for Lindsey.
I saw her walking around school
with her broken nose,
her ragged hoodie,
and her head down,
observing the scuffed toes of her shoes.
I felt sorry for my crush.
I dragged him into the spotlight.
Now everyone knew
that me and Lindsey
were fighting over him.
I searched his expressions
for any hint that he might
at least try to forgive me.
But I got nothing.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 135

Diversions and Rumors

Diversion 1
Someone set a stink bomb
under the biggest set of stairs
in the school.
They blamed me.
Diversion 2
Two juniors got suspended
for having sex in one
of the bathrooms by the gym.
Rumor 1
The Archivist is a lesbian.
(I couldn’t figure out how they
came up with that one.)
Rumor 2
Gary is a faggot.
(I was not sure how they
came up with that one either.)
Diversion 3
Liz’s brother’s fiancée
got pregnant. Liz is thrilled
about being an aunt.
Rumor 3
Lindsey and my crush
broke up.
I could not care less.

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