THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 213

False Smile

I had to find out
the root of Lindsey’s problem.
When I went down to the courtyard
and she saw me,
she stepped away from Gary
like he had zapped her with electricity.
“Hi!” she chirped, a bloated smile
hanging across her face.
My ex-crush stared at me,
something unreadable in his eyes
(not that I’ve ever been good at
reading people).
Gary folded himself over me in a hug.
I hunted through my backpack
and pulled out wads of paper
from the wounded notebook.
“Did you put this in my locker?”
Lindsey’s false smile fell off
and shattered at her feet.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 212

Don’t Understand

I was hesitant about talking to Lindsey.
For a moment
while we were at Gary’s party,
it seemed like we could be friends.
(If only just for that night…)
I don’t understand her.
I knelt to the floor
and stuffed bits and pieces
of the wounded notebook
into my backpack.
I saw Lindsey
in the courtyard
talking to my ex-crush.
He held her hand,
but the corners of his mouth
drooped down with apathy.
Gary loped up to them
in his ungainly way,
smiling as usual.
He said something to Lindsey.
She swatted his arm.
I couldn’t tell.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 211

She Deserves It

Maddy and Amanda saw me,
but before they could open
their lip gloss–smeared mouths,
I spoke first.
I need answers.
“Did you put this in my locker?”
I shook the notebook at them,
so more loose pages
fluttered to the floor.
Identical expressions of fright
crept across their faces.
“No,” Maddy spat.
“And we don’t want it back
Amanda just nodded.
Her blue eye shadow shimmered
in the hallway light.
“Was it Lindsey?” I asked.
“Why?” demanded Maddy.
“You wanna hit her again?
Go ahead. She deserves it.”
They both laughed
and sauntered away,
leaving me with

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