THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 194


I must have been wrong
to ask Liz what I should wear
to the party.
It was like I lit a fuse
and set her off
on a rocket of chatter.
“You should totally
wear something… not so…
A skirt! Or a tank top!
Or both!
Definitely wear makeup.
And put on earrings.
You don’t have your ears
You have to get them
At least wear a necklace.
And some bracelets.
I have some glittery bracelets
you can borrow.
You do want to look good
for him, don’t you?”
But he likes me
the way I am.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 193

That Party

“I’ll be there,” said my ex-crush.
He rose and left, tucking
his book under his arm.
Not once did he look at me.
But it doesn’t matter now.
“What party?” I asked Gary.
“I didn’t tell you?” He slapped
himself on the forehead
so hard it left a mark.
“It’s just a party
for my un-birthday.
No real reason behind it.
You will come, won’t you?”
I still had an image
of my ex-crush, his eyes wide,
yet somehow guarded.
He’s going to be there.
But it doesn’t matter now.

“Well,” I echoed him.
“I have to.
I’m your girlfriend.”

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 192

What Party?

Should I go in?
Before I could contemplate
the question anymore,
I twisted the door’s handle.
The hinges squealed
and Gary and my ex-crush
looked up.
Gary’s face broke into a wide grin.
“Hey! I missed you!”
I stepped over to his side,
and he squeezed me tight against him.
My ex-crush said nothing.
His face showed no emotion.
“So you guys are coming, right?” Gary asked.
“To my house? For the party?”
Party? What party? I don’t do parties.
“Yes,” I said, but my eyes
stayed on my ex-crush.
“Good.” Gary smiled.
“You have to.
You’re my girlfriend.”

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