THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 316

She Won’t

She didn’t know
that I knew
she was there.
My ex-crush and I
disappeared from the view
of my classmates,
who had begun to whisper.
He looked like he would
say something,
but I interrupted him.
“What’s Lindsey going to do?
I heard you fighting that day.”
He hesitated.
He reached
out to touch my hand,
but when I glared at him,
he seemed to rethink it.
He shrugged.
“She wants to
kill herself.
I don’t think she will.”
His face held no expression
when he said that.
Like he did not care at all.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 315


I dragged my feet
through the next few days.
For the first time that year,
I wanted school to be over.
When our class came into the library
to do research for the last project
of the year,
my ex-crush was sitting there
(big surprise)
surrounded by a stack of books.
I tried to ignore him,
but it was (still) impossible.
He caught my eye
and gave me a smile
that would have melted my heart
at the start
of the year.
He came up to talk to me
and that was when I see
watching us
from behind the bookshelves.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 314

Light Beam

I shut the door behind me
and sat in the mildew-smelling dankness
of the storage building.
Something crawled over my hand,
but I didn’t bother to shake it off.
I fixed my eyes on a slender beam of light
coming through a crack in the wall.
This all seems so pointless.
There’s nothing here.
They’re messing with me.
All of them.
Gary and Lindsey and Maddy and Amanda…
even… him.

I watched dust dance in the light beam
until I heard the bell’s distant B-flat tone
signaling the end of lunch.
There’s nothing here.
I have no answers.
I give up.

I left.

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