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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 139


Valentine’s Day
is a huge popularity contest
that I’ve never won
and never wanted to win.
But that year, I hit the jackpot.
Everyone sent me things.
Roses, cards, chocolate, stuffed animals.
Is this a joke?
But no. Attached to every one
was a tiny card:
“For the Archivist”
I eventually had so many things,
I had to give them away.
Liz got most of the stuffed animals
because she didn’t get a single thing
from anyone.
I even shoved the long stems of three roses
(red, white, and pink)
into the slats of my crush’s locker.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 138

Paper Football

I found something
that made me forget
about all the drama
(at least for a while).
It was a paper football.
Normally, this wouldn’t
be important.
There are a ton of them
scattered around the school.
But this one was different.
As I unfolded it, I saw
writing on each fold:
an entire conversation
packed neatly
into a paper football.
“I hope I didn’t piss
u off”
“nope I had bad pms,
not ur fault”
“Sorry hun. I hope u
feel better”
“chocolate might help”
And there was a tiny bar
of chocolate,
colored in Sharpie,
bleeding through the paper.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 137

Preacher Gone

The next person to get suspended
(after the two juniors who had
sex in a bathroom)
was the guy who preached in the cafeteria.
He took so much abuse for what he said.
It was like he martyred himself.
No matter what happened, he’d always be there
talking about God to whoever would listen.
(Usually nobody. It was more like background noise.)
When I walked into the cafeteria,
he was gone. Lunch wasn’t punctuated by shouts of
“Read John 3:16! For God so loved the world…”
In a way, I missed him. He was an archivist
of Bible quotes.

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