THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 161

Hiding Places

There were five minutes left in class,
and Clay had made six widgets.
He created an extra one to replace
its electricity-fried comrade.
With four minutes left in class,
Clay rushed to hide the widgets.
He stuck one between some
textbook pages.
With three minutes left in class,
he shoved one into Nick’s hunk of uneaten biscuit.
With two minutes left in class,
he slid one
into our teacher’s desk drawer.
With one minute left in class,
he dumped the others into another drawer
containing keys detached from keyboards.
When the bell rang,
I took a few of the widgets.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 160


A guy in my computer engineering class,
whose name is Clay, made little shapes
out of paper clips.
He called them “widgets.”
Every day, by the time class ended, he made
five new widgets.
Sometimes he left them in classroom
for the janitor to clean up.
Sometimes he put them in people’s backpacks.
Sometimes he flung them into the spinning fans
inside the computers.
Today he stuck a widget into an electrical outlet
and shocked himself.
“You gotta complete the circuit, dumbass,”
muttered Nick around a mouthful of biscuit.
Clay shrugged and made a new widget.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 159

My Ex-Crush

Even if you never dated someone,
can you still consider them your ex?
Like my crush—I had gotten so used
to thinking of him as my crush,
but he was no longer my crush.
I passed him sometimes in the halls,
and I imagined I saw jealousy
in his eyes.
I imagined that his knuckles turned white
as he gripped the book in his hand
just a bit tighter to suppress the anger
that he chose Lindsey
and he chose wrong.
he wouldn’t say anything to me.
Our only communication
was through a glance here and there.

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