Quotes Challenge #3

For the last day of this challenge, I have three quotes (because three is my favorite number).

Writing is the incurable itch that possesses many.


I forget where I saw this one, but it’s been one of my favorite quotes for a while now. Not much needs to be said about it; if you’re a writer, you can’t not be a writer. You always have the urge to write inside of you, and you get irritated if for some reason, you can’t write. (And ironically, when you do get the chance to write, you make every excuse in the world not to write. One time, I cleaned the vacuum cleaner’s brushroll when I could’ve been writing.)

Be who you are.

—variously attributed

Sounds like a no-brainer (it also sounds like an advertising slogan), but it’s difficult. Some people tend to camouflage themselves so they blend in with the milieu wherever they go, and no one ever sees their “real” personality–the one they show to their most intimate friends. And then you  have those effortless people whose large personalities never change, no matter who they’re with or what they’re doing or where they are.

Hell is empty. And all the devils are here.

—William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Especially relevant in an age when crazy politicians (and they’re getting crazier and crazier) are attempting to take over the United States, but I jest. But in another sense, the quote is almost literally true in the way that I see hell: separation from God. I imagine that it would be the worst kind of emptiness. As for all the devils being on earth, it sometimes seems that way, but I’m sure there are legions more devils in hell, just as there are legions of angels in heaven.

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