30 Day Book Challenge – Day 3

Today’s prompt: Your favorite series

I’m not a huge fan of series because I usually lose interest midway through or lose patience waiting for the rest of the books in the series to come out. But one series I was absolutely obsessed with was this:

Anne McCaffrey’s The Dragonriders of Pern series

I always considered the books to be fantasy, but the author herself considers them science-fiction. The series takes place on Pern, a planet similar to Earth. Pern is periodically bombarded by a corrosive spore called “thread,” which destroys whatever organic matter it touches. In order to eradicate the threat of the “thread,” the citizens of Pern have organized a legion of dragonriders. The fiery breath of a dragon can destroy thread before it hits the ground.

Upon hatching, dragons form a special telepathic bond with the person who is to be their rider. Dragons and riders are connected so intimately that if one dies, the other will die too (although there have been some exceptions to this).

The well-developed characters and their bonds with the dragons captivated me first, followed by the richness and depth of the world of Pern.