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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 133


All day,
I kept
trying to push
him out of my mind
until a distraction came
in the form of Gary.
“You still look sad,” he said.
“Even though you’re practically
queen of the school now.
Everyone’s scared you’re gonna
smite them or something.
You’ve just become that much
more fascinating.”
He cocked his head, considering me.
I twisted away, mumbling,
“I’m just quiet and awkward.”
And I want to stay that way.
“Ah,” said Gary.
“But the quiet, awkward girl
is usually the most fascinating.”
He started walking away,
but I didn’t let him.
I walked with him.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 132

I’m Sorry

Tears sprang to my eyes.
I had to blink several times
to soothe the sharp pain they brought.
In the space of blinking,
he rose from his chair.
He was leaving.
But I called out his name.
“I’m sorry!”
He turned around to face me.
“I thought you were different,” he said.
“But you’re just like everyone else.
I really thought you were…
well, I wanted to think you were…”
But I am! I am different!
He could not seem to decide on his next words.
Tears stung my eyes again.
Before I could blink again,
he gave up
and walked away.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 131

Should I Apologize?

I tried to escape everyone at lunch,
and I succeeded.
The library was quiet,
so quiet that it brought back memories
of the day I first saw Lauren
and my crush together.
None of that mattered.
It was like I had been a different person, almost.
But I was still exactly the same
because when I saw him
sitting in his favorite chair by the window,
my heart leaped and a ball of hot lava
dropped into my stomach
like it always had.
Should I apologize
for punching his girlfriend?
He looked up.
His eyes shone in the sun,
but he looked angry.

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