THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 346

Why Bother?

Liz was ecstatic
when I told her
about the almost kiss.
“So are you going
to be together now?”
I shrugged. “I don’t really care.”
Liz blinked rapidly.
“What do you mean
you don’t care?
You’ve had a crush
on him for… only the entire year!”
I can’t explain it.
I can’t make myself care.

“He only tried to kiss me
because he wanted to.
Not because he cared
about me. Or even liked me.”
“Come on!” Liz whined.
“Give the guy a break!
He obviously cares now!”
But he didn’t care then.
He lied to me
when I needed the truth.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 345

Almost Forgot

We ate and talked for a while longer,
and I almost forgot about
the things he said about
I almost forgot about
all the times
he lied to me,
all the questionable things
he had done,
and all the times
I thought I loved him.
He walked me outside
the restaurant.
We stood awkwardly
in the twilight
until he pulled me into his arms,
cupped my chin in his hand,
and almost kissed me,
but I turned away,
because I remembered
that I could not make myself
love him
in the blind, admiring way
I had before.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 344


“Now,” said my ex-crush,
after our pizza
had been delivered to the table,
“I have a question for you.”
For a moment, I forgot to breathe.
I was too busy absorbing what he had told me.
…goading her into suicide…
…shoot up the school…
…she looked weak…
…she’s not stupid…

“How come you’re the Archivist?”
I was so afraid to say something
that I didn’t respond for a few seconds
(making me look more
“Because I just am?
Other people
fascinate me.”
“Really? Real-life people are so boring,” he said.
“That’s why I read.”

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