THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 264


“I’m avoiding him.
And Lindsey, but
I don’t know what to do
about her.”
What can I do about her?
She hates me.
Even if I could help her,
or wanted to,
she wouldn’t let me.

“There’s nothing you can do.
Nothing you should do,” Gary said.
He rolled over like he was pouncing
on me.
The intensity in his gaze was hard to look at
for too long.
“We won’t talk to them anymore,” he said.
“Promise me? Because all they do is cause drama.
I hate drama.”
Gary was never serious, so
his seriousness shocked me
into agreeing.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 263

In the Grass

The weekend arrived,
giving me time to think.
But I did way too much of that already,
so I went to see Gary.
We played some D&D for a while,
but it was not as much fun
with just two people.
Eventually we found ourselves
outside in the grass.
“So your friend Liz is pregnant, huh?” Gary asked.
“I can’t even imagine that.”
“Of course you can’t,” I said.
“You’re a guy.”
We laughed awkwardly,
until he finally confronted
the elephant (snake?) in the grass.
“Lindsey and—him—
what’s up with them?”
Gary was so annoyed he couldn’t even
say my ex-crush’s name.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 262

Orange Soda

While we dug holes
for the Liriope,
we came across a full bottle
of orange soda
buried in the dirt.
It was two years past
its expiration date,
the boys opened it
and dared each other to drink it.
Our computer engineering teacher
and the horticulture teacher
told us to throw the bottle away,
they took that literally
and flung the bottle onto the roof.
A sticky cascade of shimmering
orange soda
poured down
upon all our heads,
and three more students
from the horticulture class
got sent to in-school suspension.
That class was really
short handed.

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