Launch of XIII

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you might remember me whining about something called XIII. Well, after much anxiety, deliberation, hemming, hawing, and whatnot, some of it is finally available for your reading pleasure (or displeasure) at More will be posted as time goes on, but because I’m a normal human being with other commitments, it’s not a priority. Hence, there is no set posting schedule, but I will update this blog on the 13th of every month with links to whatever I’ve posted on the XIII blog (and if I’ve posted nothing, I will say that, too).

XIII is an unnecessarily long mythic fantasy soap opera. The closest thing it can be compared to is Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, which should give you a clue about how awful it is. You’ve been warned. For background, if you’re crazy enough to take interest, at the bottom of this post is a list of previous posts on this blog in which I discuss (or rant about) XIII. Some may include spoilers. I honestly can’t remember which ones do or don’t.

I’m not posting XIII directly on this blog because it’s not entirely my creation (to make a very long story short), and I never intended to share a super-long piece of fiction here. (THE ARCHIVES is only about 36,000 words, so it doesn’t count as “long.”) I also want to keep this blog the way it’s always been, which is primarily a way for me to share my thoughts on whatever random topics happen to be in my head at the moment.

Anyway, if you are so inclined, feel free to follow XIII at Thank you always for liking, commenting, following, and reading.

THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 365


After the last day of school,
Liz and I walked
down the sidewalk
by the building.
I stopped in front of the entrance.
“Aren’t you glad the year’s over?”
Liz asked.
I looked at her, but words
wouldn’t come.
I loved the school
more than any normal person should.
But I could not save it.
Caution tape ribboned the shell of the library,
the storage building had been demolished.
The campus was still a repository
for the archives of countless memories,
and still more
had yet to be made.
“Yes and no.”
“How profound,” Liz said sarcastically.
“I’d think an archivist
would have more words.”
Sometimes you don’t need words.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 364


When Lindsey returned
from the hospital
to finish the year
at our school,
everyone treated her differently.
They no longer teased her
or tiptoed around her
as if she would attack.
She sat beside me at lunch
and said,
“You know, everyone
thinks you’re my hero now.”
I shrugged.
“I didn’t do it to be a hero.”
Lindsey put her head on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry,” she said.
“Honestly sorry.
For treating you like shit
and stealing your crush
and kicking your ass
and being a bitch.”
I looked at her arms.
The burns were still there,
but the self-inflicted scars
had faded.

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