Advent Reflection Series #3

How do you handle change?

Put it in a change purse, wait till I have enough, then bring it to the bank and deposit it into my account.

No, but seriously. It depends on what kind of change it is. If I have made plans, I hate when something appears out of the blue and destroys those plans. It reminds me of when I was a little kid, and I’d be looking forward to going somewhere, then one of my parents would say something like, “Never mind. Change of plan. We’re not doing that today.” Oh, the disappointment. I’m sure there was a perfectly good reason for the change of plan, but as a child, I didn’t understand it.

Sometimes a big change happens that you have planned yourself and is looming in the far future. As big as those changes are, they might even be easier to deal with because there is usually a date associated with them. Buying a house, or getting married, or graduating from college, or having a baby… very big changes, but they are hardly ever sudden. There is time to prepare, and that makes dealing with the change easier.

I don’t really deal with change that well unless it’s a change I want to make. Then I over-plan and get too involved in the minutiae. Ultimately, I need to get better at handling the sudden, random changes that are bound to occur every day.

Poetry Time: Reflections

I stared at you through the mirror,

which would never work in reality.

You’d always catch my eyes,

like gleaming jewels in the light,

and toss them back at me

through the reflection.


This time, you did everything

you could to avoid my gaze.

You searched your pockets

for some long-forgotten sweet.

You fiddled around inside your

glove compartment, maybe read

some parts of the owner’s manual.


Maybe you discovered something

you’d never known before. Maybe

you looked to the mirror without

seeing my reflection and read those words:

Objects in the mirror are

closer than they appear.