10 Songs for a Soundtrack

I’m finding a lot of good prompts on Tumblr lately. This one is pretty easy because 99% of the time, I have a song stuck in my head (right now, it’s that annoying new Taylor Swift song).

Which 10 songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?

1. All the Things She Said – t.A.T.u

2. Still Alive – the Portal theme song

3. Rabbit Heart – Florence + the Machine

4. My Hero – Foo Fighters

5. Here is No Why – Smashing Pumpkins

6. Crucifere – Eths

7. What Now – Rihanna

8. Breathless – Spyro Gyra

9. Brave – Nichole Nordeman

10. First World Anarchist – The Dollyrots

A lot of these are about confusion, which is probably about 75% of my life, and others are about turning points, which are not a large part of life but are still significant enough to be represented on a soundtrack. There are definitely way more songs that I haven’t included here, but these are the first 10 that jumped into my head.


March is a quiet month for me, since I have given up music for Lent.

March is also a month of thunderstorms as the weather becomes warmer and gradually transitions to spring time.

The first day of spring is March 20, although to me, it doesn’t feel as though it’s truly spring until sometime in mid-April.

Daylight Saving Time is on March 11. Our days will become longer, so no more getting dark around four or five in the evening.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon! I think I might write a post about St. Patrick this year.

The Ides of March is on a Thursday this year (although that doesn’t make much difference). Interestingly enough, the Ides of March is still printed on many calendars, even though it was all the way back in 44 B.C. when Julius Caesar was killed.

Every day has significance, whether its importance is marked on the calendar or not. Yes, it’s a cliche, but every day is a gift, and these gifts in the month of March should not be squandered.

And in the spring I shed my skin
And it blows away with the changing wind
The water has turned from blue to red
As towards the sky I offer it
This is a gift, it comes with a price…
– Florence and the Machine, “Rabbit Heart”