THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 256


The faint traces
of spring
began glowing on the horizon,
and a plague took over the school.
Boys spread the disease,
and girls suffer its effects.
A plague called pregnancy.
The gift that keeps on giving.
Worst of all,
some of the victims
bragged about it.
Smarter ones hid it,
but was that really such a smart choice?
Even worse
were the girls who wanted
to get pregnant.
Why would anyone want a child
when they are still a child?
But high school
is about deciding
how you want
your future to be,
so I suppose
it is one career path.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 255


I wondered if I should ask Gary
if he knew
what Lindsey might want
with the key,
but I did not want him to know
that I was still thinking
about all this.
I could tell Gary was worried
that I might jump ship
and end up with my ex-crush.
It took every comforting word I had
to assure him that I was not
that kind of person.
But Gary’s worry was manifested
in how tight he held me,
in the questions he asked,
and how he never let me wander
around the school alone,
like my ex-crush would jump out
and grab me.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 254

Food for Thought

What could Lindsey possibly want
in the school’s long-forgotten
storage room?
I could not imagine the school holding
anything of real value
(unless it was sentimental value).
I strained my memory
for anything else
that might stir up another reason
for Lindsey to have that key.
She might have stolen it
from a janitor or someone else.
But I could not imagine anyone
(especially not Lindsey)
being brave enough
to steal a key
from our creepy Boogeyman
I started to put away the archives,
waiting for all this food for thought
to digest,
come together in my head,
and make sense.

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