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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 88


I blushed and stared down
at my hands. “Um,” I whispered,
“I don’t know.”
My voice had become so soft,
he had to lean forward to hear me.
I caught a whiff of cologne—
something like an old preserved bundle of spices.
It probably was Old Spice.
He leaned up almost too quickly.
I worried that he was offended,
but he just laughed.
“Let her say what she wants.”
I bit my lip and clenched my fists
under my thighs so he couldn’t see them.
The way he evaded the question
made me think
Lindsey was telling the truth.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 87

Lost My Mind

The day of our last driving lesson arrived.
My crush and I waited
for the car to pull up outside the school.
He had an 800-page fantasy novel.
I had nothing but an ant crawling along the sidewalk
and the tension between us.
Maybe he really is gay.
I pondered that for a moment
before I realized he stopped turning pages.
He was looking at me.
“Something on your mind?”
He looked so concerned.
I temporarily stopped thinking
and said,
“Lindsey said she thinks you’re gay.
You’re not gay, right?”
He smiled and said,
“Do you believe Lindsey?”

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 86


It was easy
to pity Lindsey
when I watched her
being tormented by
Maddy and Amanda.
But at the same time,
I still wanted to defend her.
She somehow managed
to look little and lost.
She was like an animal in a trap,
lashing out at everyone
in fear,
in rage,
in agony.
She was so hurt she’d lash out
at anyone who’s kind to her.
Except my crush.
Maybe she thought he could
rescue her from the trap.
In a way,
I hoped he could.
But at the same time,
I wanted him to shoot her,
put her out of her misery.

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