THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 225


my heart decided
to start pumping so hard
I became short of breath.
“Talk about what?”
Each word was like a wisp of air.
He wasn’t looking at me
when he said it.
His gaze was on his book,
like he wished he could open it
and lose himself in the pages.
“What about Gary?”
My voice was stronger now.
“He isn’t right for you.”
He looked sincere,
but sincerity didn’t matter
to me anymore.
I am tired of people telling me
who I am
and who is wrong and what is right.
They don’t know.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 224


Someone came up behind me at lunch.
That was not unusual.
Gary would always sneak up
(he thinks he’s being sneaky)
and fling his arms around me.
I was expecting him
but not in any anxious way,
so when I turned around,
there was a smile on my face.
Then I realized
I was smiling at my ex-crush.
I could practically feel the smile
hanging off my face
as if its hinge had been loosened.
“You know,” he said,
“I think we actually need to talk.”
He laid his book down on my table
and crossed his legs at the ankle,
making himself comfortable.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 223


Over the next few days,
I made it my business
to inspect locks
and their shapes, colors, locations…
anything that would jog my memory
and tell me which lock belonged
with Lindsey’s key.
Maybe it was something as simple
as the key to her diary,
a lock I would never see.
Her house key?
The key to a safe?
What would she have
that’s valuable?

I remembered the jagged S
cut into the key.
S… S… S…
Or maybe it was a 5?
Had Lindsey made the mark herself?
Had she stolen the key from somewhere?
It kept nagging me.

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