THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 262

Orange Soda

While we dug holes
for the Liriope,
we came across a full bottle
of orange soda
buried in the dirt.
It was two years past
its expiration date,
the boys opened it
and dared each other to drink it.
Our computer engineering teacher
and the horticulture teacher
told us to throw the bottle away,
they took that literally
and flung the bottle onto the roof.
A sticky cascade of shimmering
orange soda
poured down
upon all our heads,
and three more students
from the horticulture class
got sent to in-school suspension.
That class was really
short handed.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 261


In computer engineering,
we got stuck doing something
totally unrelated to computers.
We helped the horticulture class
plant a small crop of Liriope
as ground cover.
Most of the horticulture class
had gotten in-school suspension
for trying to grow marijuana
in the school greenhouse,
so the class contained five students,
plus us.
We knew nothing about planting things.
All we knew was ripping apart metal,
making sparks,
and booting from a floppy.
But planting was strangely peaceful.
It was soothing to pat the dirt
around a plant,
give it a sprinkling of water,
and hope it will grow
stronger and taller.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 260

Looking Ahead

Because spring has been in the air
for a while now,
I was looking ahead to summer
and whatever promises it could bring.
Perhaps a trip out of state
where something life changing
would happen.
But that’s only in movies.
Gary and I would hang out,
unless he takes a trip
out of state and has a life-changing
But there would be nothing for the archives.
Just the school casting its large shadow
over my life
until I returned to it.
And Liz. Would she return?
But first… exams,
the mystery of the key,
and forgetting about my ex-crush.

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