THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 258

What’s Best

I hugged Liz,
and she started to cry
so hard people stared.
“I’m so dumb!” she wailed.
“I should be smart
like you.”
Her voice became
an almost theatrical whisper.
“I can’t abort it.
I just can’t.
It’s my kid.
No matter what anyone says,
it’s my kid.
I know I never wanted it,
but now it’s mine.”
I did the only thing
I could do,
and walked her
to the guidance office,
sat with her,
and tried to get her
to calm down enough
to talk to someone
who might know best
even though they might not
fully understand.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 257

Our Origins

When Liz approached me
and said she thought
she had contracted
the plague,
I didn’t believe her.
The plague seemed like something
that could happen to anyone
except the people I knew.
Liz’s hand clenched her belly
as if she wished she could
rip out her mistake.
Her usually exuberant manner
was subdued, and she spoke
in a whisper.
“What should I do?
Timothy won’t want a kid.
I never wanted a kid.
My parents don’t want to be
I tried to imagine the plague
inside Liz
becoming a person.
It is hard to believe
we all came from the plague.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 256


The faint traces
of spring
began glowing on the horizon,
and a plague took over the school.
Boys spread the disease,
and girls suffer its effects.
A plague called pregnancy.
The gift that keeps on giving.
Worst of all,
some of the victims
bragged about it.
Smarter ones hid it,
but was that really such a smart choice?
Even worse
were the girls who wanted
to get pregnant.
Why would anyone want a child
when they are still a child?
But high school
is about deciding
how you want
your future to be,
so I suppose
it is one career path.

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