THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 250


When I got home,
I dragged the archives
out of my closet
and systematically
destroyed every scrap of paper
that reminded me
of my ex-crush.
The article in the school newspaper
that mentioned his name.
A scribbled picture
of him that I had drawn.
A list of books
I saw him reading.
A poem I had written
about him.
Even a dried-up old pen
that I had let him borrow
in driver’s ed.
All of that…
and we never even
had a relationship.
And we never would.
I had more mementos
of my ex-crush
than I did of Gary.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 249

He Said

I was heading toward my bus
when I heard Gary call my name.
He sounded almost
“He broke up with Lauren,” Gary gasped,
“and he said he wanted me
to break up with you.
He said you agreed to it.
He said…
you would do it.”
I could hardly breathe for a few moments,
my ex-crush was just as bad
of a liar as Lindsey.
Then I hugged Gary
and told him
over and over
that I would never hurt him
like that.
I didn’t know
if he believed me.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 248

Her Feelings

It was only when I had returned
to the school’s confining embrace
that I really stopped to consider Lindsey
and what she must have felt.
What if Gary broke up with me
for no reason?
It would hurt,
but I wouldn’t hurt myself
over it.

I felt no glee
knowing that Lindsey was upset.
I once considered her my rival,
but it no longer seemed
to matter as much.
Maybe if she told the truth,
she would feel more free.
Lying can be exhausting,
a weight around a neck,
like the key.
Amanda had taken it.
What does it mean?

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