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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 131

Should I Apologize?

I tried to escape everyone at lunch,
and I succeeded.
The library was quiet,
so quiet that it brought back memories
of the day I first saw Lauren
and my crush together.
None of that mattered.
It was like I had been a different person, almost.
But I was still exactly the same
because when I saw him
sitting in his favorite chair by the window,
my heart leaped and a ball of hot lava
dropped into my stomach
like it always had.
Should I apologize
for punching his girlfriend?
He looked up.
His eyes shone in the sun,
but he looked angry.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 130

Respected or Feared

Even when I got to class,
everyone still watched me
like I was a bomb that would go off.
How funny.
I used to be the one watching them.
My teachers acted
like they did not quite trust me.
I heard my name
fluttering through the classroom
in everyone’s whispered voices,
but it was not my real name.
Nobody knew or cared about that.
They called me the Archivist.
They said it like they would say
the Pope, the President,
the Queen of England.
Like I was someone to be respected
or even feared.
Still, I did not see Lindsey
or my crush.
Not even Gary.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 129

Someone Important

But Liz didn’t hear me.
She took me by the arm
and dragged me through the school.
Everyone stared at me.
People who had never bothered
with me before came up to talk to me.
They smiled at me,
treated me like I was someone important.
Liz enjoyed the attention more than I did.
She embellished the story,
adding details that never happened.
I glanced down at my feet.
I didn’t want this attention.
All I wanted was to go away,
maybe to the library, because
there was only one person
I wanted to see,
but I didn’t see him.

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