Trump-a-Riffic Self-Aggrandizement

I don’t care much for either of our two presidential candidates. It’s a wonder that Hillary Clinton’s nose hasn’t grown as tall as one of Donald Trump’s skyscrapers with all the lies she’s told, and The Donald himself has an ego whose size rivals that of the sun. Both candidates are equally ruthless in their quest to become the most powerful person in the world, and it’s almost comical to watch them attempt to be human and approachable.

Trump’s honorary remarks on Mother Teresa’s sainthood come as somewhat of a surprise. Perhaps Trump is mentioning Mother Teresa because she has all the humility that he lacks? Is he acknowledging his own faults for once? No! Of course not! It’s a trap! He’s speaking about Mother Teresa, but the ad literally has his face all over it. And to make it even more obvious, the Trump–Pence logo is hiding at the bottom of the screen the entire time and flashes across the screen at the end, effectively negating all Trump’s words of praise for the Catholic Church’s newest saint.

Gee, Donald. I know you’re trying to show sensitivity and solidarity with the Catholic voting bloc (if there even is a solid bloc of Catholic voters… and that subject could be an entire series of posts), but this time… you shouldn’t even have bothered. We all know your true motive.

(We also know that Hillary Clinton won’t dare to speak of Mother Teresa, who put her in her place on the issue of abortion back in the 1990s. Again, that’s an entirely different blog post.)

All I can do in response to this is shake my head and sigh. You silly politicians…

The Thursday Three #28

  1. I don’t know why I feel compelled to apologize for talking about my faith on my own blog, so I won’t apologize. But I will warn my readers that many of my posts in the upcoming months may deal with religious or spiritual matters, so if you don’t care for that or if my faith is not your cup of tea, you now know to scroll very quickly past my posts when they appear in your reader. 🙂
  2. The spirit of Mother Teresa has been following me around lately. It seems like everywhere I go, I hear about her, probably because she is going to be canonized as a saint on September 4 this year. Definitely a cause for celebration! My current favorite quote from her: “I’m just a little pencil in His hand.”
  3. Sometimes when you’re going through life at breakneck speed in a frenzied rush to meet whatever deadlines the world imposes on you, you no longer truly see anything in the real world. This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to look at the shrubs in front of my house and notice this little guy (no longer than 2 inches, tail included):


The Last 5 Books I Read

This list is going to be proof that I read basically anything I get my hands on. 🙂

The Witness Wore Red – Rebecca Musser with M. Bridget Cook

This was a memoir about the dark side of religion, in which a polygamous cult (an offshoot of fundamentalist Mormons) was broken up by the efforts of one woman. It’s upsetting that the people were so brainwashed by their all-too-human leader who believed himself to be God’s messenger. Belief in God is supposed to free you from the things of the world, not cause you to be enslaved by the things of the world (power, lust, greed).

Tampa – Alissa Nutting

The events of this book were too close to events that have happened in the news for me to say, “I’m glad it’s fiction.” The narrator, Celeste, is a female sex addict/pedophile with a penchant for 14-year-old boys. She gets a job at a junior high school purely to indulge her lust. I was glad the book was fast-paced because it was difficult to read about the corruption of a young teen and the absolute selfishness of his molester. If you’ve read Lolita, this is very similar.

Where There is Love, There is God – Mother Teresa

Unlike The Witness Wore Red, this book represents the good side of religion. There isn’t any narrative flow to it; it’s more like a collection of maxims and meditations. Perfect for daily prayer or spiritual reading. I like Mother Teresa’s advice about smiling whenever you can.

Insomnia – Stephen King

I’ve had this book sitting in my shelf for ages, but I only recently got around to reading it! It’s pretty typical of most of King’s work, and I enjoyed the references to It and The Dark Tower. This is the only King book that ever made me cry, and I don’t cry over books that often. My only complaint was that it literally took 400+ pages to get the plot going, but the excellent character development made up for that.

The Summons – John Grisham

I had never read anything by Grisham before, and he’s one of those big-name, bestselling authors, so I figured I’d give him a shot. The book was purely plot-driven and so fast-paced that I got through it in less than 24 hours. I wished the characters had been more developed, especially Judge Atlee, who fascinated me. The book also made me wonder what I’d do if I suddenly came upon $3 million.

What have you been reading lately?