The Thursday Three #10

  1. The works of John O’Donohue were recommended to me by one of my blog readers, so I found Eternal Echoes (nonfiction) at the library. It’s about how our hearts are always restless and our human need to belong, and it’s written almost like poetry — I could probably write a separate blog post on the good quotes I found. I especially liked the parts about angels and fairies; it’s so important to keep some of the magic and mystery of life alive inside you, so you won’t get beaten down by the real world.
  2. Sometimes I hear a song, and it immediately makes me start thinking about one of my characters. As the song plays, I start to see a mini-movie featuring that character in my head… then I realize that the song was released in 2014, which is 12 or 13 years after the story takes place and after my character faces the particular problem that I based the “mini-movie” around. Even so, the images that I get in my head can still help to advance that character’s path through the story.
  3. This is a useful site that can help you determine exactly which genre the fantasy novel you’re reading (or writing) belongs to. The subgenres of fantasy (kinda like the subgenres of rock and metal) have always confused me, even though when I read or write, I don’t pay attention to genre. Having a list of genres (and example books in each genre) still helps to classify your own writing when you are thinking of pitching it to someone or just practicing writing synopses or query letters.