Happy All Hallows and NaNo Eve!

I’m not a fan of Halloween. Even when I was a kid, I did not like dressing up and knocking on people’s doors asking for candy, and I did not trick-or-treat anymore after I turned 10. Better to wait until Christmas, when you got candy and treats without having to ask strangers for them. I also have a grudge against Halloween because my brother and I went out trick-or-treating one year, but Halloween had been celebrated the day before because of Protestant church services. No candy for us. You could imagine how that would break a kid’s heart. It’s stupid to hold a grudge, I know, but I still do.

I don’t plan to pass my Halloween grudge on to my son. When he gets old enough to walk and talk, it will be fun to take him around so he can get candy and show people his cute and/or scary costume. I will have to be mindful of the calendar because I think Halloween still gets rescheduled sometimes. (Grr…)

Anyway, tomorrow is All Saint’s Day, NaNoWriMo, and the beginning of November (my favorite month after April). Fall is nice because the weather finally cools down (although I’m sure by March, we’ll all be complaining about how the weather needs to hurry up and get warm again).

Hope everyone has a nice fall and a productive NaNoWrimo, if you are participating!

The Friday Four: Candy!

I could join the bandwagon and write about NaNoWriMo (it’s tomorrow? already?), but because it’s Halloween, I’m 26 going on 6, and I feel silly today, I’m going to talk about four of my favorite types of candy.

1. Milk chocolate. The plain kind. Not the kind with almonds, not the kind with peanuts, not the white chocolate, not the dark chocolate. Good old-fashioned milk chocolate. This can be in the form of an ordinary Hershey bar, M&Ms, those little Dove squares with inspirational sayings on the wrappers, or the more fancy kinds. The only chocolate I really don’t like is Palmer’s.

2. Cow Tales. These are so sweet and creamy that it’s impossible to eat just one. When I was younger, I wished more people would give out Cow Tales on Halloween (the full-size ones, not the little short ones).

3. Jolly Ranchers. Their flavor actually tastes somewhat like real fruit, as opposed to all those other fruit-flavored candies out there. And they’re good for when you’re trying to concentrate on something.

4. Gummy bears. Or gummy worms. Basically anything soft and squishy and fruit-flavored that’s in the shape of an animal. One local drug store even has gummy sharks, which I find hilarious (and delicious).

So what’s your favorite (or least favorite) candy?

The Devil’s Trick

Well, it’s October. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween or cooler temperatures, but I remembered a cool quote that is somewhat relevant to Halloween and “scary” stuff.

The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist. –Charles Baudelaire

To me, the story of Lucifer (AKA Satan, the devil, and many other names) is kind of fascinating. He was once an angel, and you’d think that being in heaven and around God all the time would fill you with such joy and peace that you’d never want to leave. Then pride has to come and ruin everything; Lucifer thought he deserved all the honor and glory that is rightfully God’s, and he got kicked out of heaven and formed his own kingdom.

And to this day, the devil tempts us and lies to us and tells us that we can also be “like God” and that we don’t have to answer to God or any authority. If we have no fear of punishment, we can pretty much do whatever we like, even if our actions harm others or ourselves. The devil likes to trick us into a false sense of security, and he leads us to believe that he’s not there, that there is nobody who will administer punishment, nobody watching you, no consequences to our actions, and no judgment for what we have done.

He sneaks in insidiously… his voice fills your head with doubt and shame and contempt. Yet he tells you that you’re better than anyone else and that you can do whatever you like and you shouldn’t feel guilty. But guilt serves a purpose — and we forget that too often, just as we forget that the devil is very real.