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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 132

I’m Sorry

Tears sprang to my eyes.
I had to blink several times
to soothe the sharp pain they brought.
In the space of blinking,
he rose from his chair.
He was leaving.
But I called out his name.
“I’m sorry!”
He turned around to face me.
“I thought you were different,” he said.
“But you’re just like everyone else.
I really thought you were…
well, I wanted to think you were…”
But I am! I am different!
He could not seem to decide on his next words.
Tears stung my eyes again.
Before I could blink again,
he gave up
and walked away.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 131

Should I Apologize?

I tried to escape everyone at lunch,
and I succeeded.
The library was quiet,
so quiet that it brought back memories
of the day I first saw Lauren
and my crush together.
None of that mattered.
It was like I had been a different person, almost.
But I was still exactly the same
because when I saw him
sitting in his favorite chair by the window,
my heart leaped and a ball of hot lava
dropped into my stomach
like it always had.
Should I apologize
for punching his girlfriend?
He looked up.
His eyes shone in the sun,
but he looked angry.

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Thursday Three #57

These are my thoughts on NaNoWriMo 2019 so far:

  1. I’m writing the entire novel on WordPress because I’m writing mostly on my breaks at work, and we’re not allowed to plug in flash drives unless they’re for work. I’m on WordPress anyway, so I figured I might as well start the novel there (also, WordPress has auto-save and word count features). So the novel is on this blog as a private entry, but I will never make it public because…
  2. Like all first drafts, it is appallingly bad. Not only is it bad, it is incredibly boring. I am bored with my characters but not with the plot. I wish I could recycle some of my old characters like I normally do (and I miss them terribly), but the plot wouldn’t work well with any of them. This particular story takes place in another “universe.”
  3. The other reason this story is bad and boring is because I didn’t do enough planning. My rudimentary outline is just a list of stuff that’s supposed to happen, and it’s not even in order. I didn’t flesh anything out, and now that I’m hammering out words mindlessly, I don’t feel like I have time to flesh it out. I’m actually planning the second draft as I’m writing the first. Not sure if that’s a proper way to do it, but it’s new to me. And that keeps the whole thing somewhat interesting.