A Desperate Prayer

The more I listen to certain types of metal, the more I think that, as much as the writers of the songs claim to hate God and religion, they really crave it. I once read a story about a metal band that was searching for more ways to denigrate religion and the Catholic Church, and what they found in their searches actually changed their minds. They all converted to Catholicism.

My initial thought is that metal music and the “image” that comes with it are both quite silly, really. The lead singers railing about how much they hate religion don’t seem to realize that they are not changing the status quo. They are catering to a group of people who are senselessly rebelling. The only ones who really take them seriously are others who have fallen into the same trap.

Sometimes I wonder if the members of these bands really believe what they are singing about or if it’s just a front or a stage presence. If the latter is true, then how long would it be before that “fake” presence begins to become their reality?

Many who listen to metal say they listen for the sound of the music, not the lyrics, which are often screamed and growled and indecipherable anyway. I don’t really believe that. It seems to me that the lyrics will work their way into a person’s subconscious mind, whether the person consciously understands them or not. Music can be a powerful influential force in a person’s life, and the content of what a person listens to can make a difference in the way he or she sees the world.

But what I do believe is that all metal music, even the most blasphemous and disgusting, is a desperate prayer.

10 Songs for a Soundtrack

I’m finding a lot of good prompts on Tumblr lately. This one is pretty easy because 99% of the time, I have a song stuck in my head (right now, it’s that annoying new Taylor Swift song).

Which 10 songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?

1. All the Things She Said – t.A.T.u

2. Still Alive – the Portal theme song

3. Rabbit Heart – Florence + the Machine

4. My Hero – Foo Fighters

5. Here is No Why – Smashing Pumpkins

6. Crucifere – Eths

7. What Now – Rihanna

8. Breathless – Spyro Gyra

9. Brave – Nichole Nordeman

10. First World Anarchist – The Dollyrots

A lot of these are about confusion, which is probably about 75% of my life, and others are about turning points, which are not a large part of life but are still significant enough to be represented on a soundtrack. There are definitely way more songs that I haven’t included here, but these are the first 10 that jumped into my head.

Songs of the Week

Here’s what I’ve been  listening to lately.

1. Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar

It’s a drinking song. I am the biggest teetotaler I know. Why do I like the song? It’s fun and gets stuck in my head.

2. Amon Amarth – Aerials

My brother introduced me to this System of a Down cover the other day. Not bad, Amon Amarth. Not bad.

3. BarlowGirl – Pedestal

I love this band. I wish they were more popular. Their music, not Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, is what young girls need to hear nowadays.

4. Eths – Adonai (French version)

When I realized their lead singer was leaving, I got seriously upset. This is the first single from their last album with “Candice Clot.”

5. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart (the looong version)

Yeah, it’s cheesy. I used to hate this song and all 80s music. No more.

6. Nat King Cole – Goodnight, Irene

I was flipping through one of my mother’s books and it had some lyrics from this song. I have a character named Irene, so I was interested.

7. Three Days Grace – Life Starts Now

Most of Three Days Grace’s songs make me upset, but this one doesn’t. Again, it reminds me of one of my characters (Virginia).

8. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

The video has too many people in their underwear, but the song should have been my anthem in high school.

So what’s your favorite song of the week?