Tumbling to WordPress

I found out that Tumblr was sold to Automattic, the same company that owns WordPress. They say that Automattic will only be changing the back end of Tumblr and the front end will stay the same. I suppose that’s a good thing, because Tumblr has always been very easy to use. WordPress is much more difficult, and they’re constantly changing things. Right now, the new “block” format is the current interface, and it is a bit easier, but I do find myself searching for certain text editing features.

It is unknown how much Tumblr was bought for, but my thought is that it was probably less than for what it was bought for the last time when Yahoo acquired it. Unfortunately, Tumblr has a reputation as being full of porn. Most of that was cleaned up, but Tumblr is still a kind of cesspool, a mini-4chan, if you will. That’s why I quit it when I did. As much as I liked some of the blogs, I kept bumping into stuff that annoyed me or people who were being immature and obnoxious.

The only way I would ever use Tumblr again is if its user base completely changed. And that definitely doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 56

Steering Wheel

The driver’s ed teacher
is an old man with silver hair
and a wart on his nose.
His hands shook as he held the wheel
and took me to a deserted parking lot
to practice.
When we switched positions and I slid
behind the steering wheel, I was intimidated by it.
I adjusted the seat as high as possible,
so if I wrecked the car,
my nose wouldn’t slam against the wheel.
“Put your hands at the ten and two,” said my teacher,
and I had no idea what he just said.
We learned none of this in the classroom.
Absolutely nothing.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 55


Before Lindsey could say anything,
the lunch bell rang.
Without even a wave of farewell,
she dashed off,
leaving me to walk back to class alone
and ponder
exactly how I could get that notebook back
and dispose
of it before Maddy and Amanda could write
any more insults.
It was still too early to tell whether
Lindsey would
become an ally. She knew the boy, the one
I wanted.
She had spoken to him more than I had because
she is braver.
I’ll never know her intentions because
I was scared
to ask, not sure I wanted to know.

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