THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 59

Blue Eyes

I couldn’t even say “hi” back.
He had trapped me in his blue eyes.
They paralyzed me and I became stricken.
My lips brushed against his name
as he stood so patiently,
waiting for me to speak.
His face relaxed into a smile,
and he ran his hand through his hair
as if he was as nervous as I was.
He came to stand closer to me,
and he actually said my name.
I didn’t think he even knew my name.
My eyes were still locked onto his.
I didn’t think I had ever seen blue that bright before.

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Those Who Do Not See But Believe

A couple nights ago, I had a dream that I was at church, and after transubstantiation, the host fell to the ground and began to bleed. The amount of blood was great for the size of the host, and eventually the host could not be seen at all because the blood overtook it. Everyone at church saw this, but only some began to believe in the Real Presence thereafter.

Worst, it was mostly the children who did not believe. A group of our friends from church decided to band together and form a new church, leaving behind the rest of the parishioners who did not believe despite seeing the Eucharistic miracle of the bleeding host.

The reality is that I probably had that dream because I read the Pew article that revealed that most Catholics do not believe the core Church teaching that the bread and wine literally become the Body and Blood of Christ.

I don’t know why they don’t believe. I suppose it’s a combination of poor catechesis, priests not talking about the truth in their homilies, and the belief that science is the be-all and end-all and that if something cannot be proven using the scientific method and empirical evidence, it cannot be true.

The dream was something of a wake-up call. I learned that I need to stop trying so hard and rely on God’s grace. Because we are mere human beings, salvation is impossible for us to achieve by ourselves. It is only possible through God.

THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 58

He Talked to Me

I waited after school
for my next driver’s ed lesson.
My hands already began shaking
as I imagined getting behind the wheel again.
Everyone was leaving for the buses
or their cars.
I stood on the balcony
watching for him.
I was not even sure I loved him anymore
because he would not talk to me,
yet somehow I still felt fluttery
when I saw him.
But he was not there.
My hands kept shaking.
Just seeing him would be enough to calm me.
I sensed someone behind me
and turned around to see him
staring at me. His mouth
formed the word

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