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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 107


But the weekend didn’t turn out like that at all.
Instead, Liz came over to my house.
“Thank God,” she said as she blasted inside.
“You will not believe how annoying it gets
at my house!”
She flopped down on my couch,
opened her enormous purse,
and took out some pictures
of bridesmaid dresses.
This is what they want me to wear
to that stupid wedding! Can you believe it?”
All the dresses looked like clouds of cotton candy,
belted with ribbons as flimsy as strips of chewing gum.
“Maybe they’d look good on you,” Liz mused,
looking at me.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 106


The weekend arrived, glowing
like the sun beneath a layer of cloud.
For one of the first times in my life,
I didn’t look forward to school on Monday.
I planned to go with Liz to the mall, to the movies,
and be a normal person.
I would listen to her complain about being a bridesmaid.
We would giggle at the hot guys.
We would look through pages and pages of magazines
to find a celebrity whose style we can imitate.
Maybe Liz would even drag me into a dressing room stall,
toss me some clothes,
tell me (honestly) what looks good
and what does not.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 105

Liz’s Problems

At lunch,
I intended to tell Liz
the whole story,
but she already knew.
“Unbelievable,” she said,
shaking her head
and picking at a zit.
“I always knew that Lindsey girl
was screwed up in the head.
We should go out sometime,
like, to the movies or someplace.
Forget about high school drama
for a while.”
She then told me about how
her brother became officially engaged
to his horrible girlfriend.
“Their wedding’s going to be in June.
That’s such a cliché,” Liz whined.
“Now I have to be a freaking bridesmaid.
And when they have kids,
I’ll have to babysit.”

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