Not Renewing My Domain

I forget exactly when I got my domain for this blog, but it was quite a while ago (at least 5 years). It was nice being able to drop “wordpress” off my URL and to avoid ads.

But the time has come to make a more practical decision and not renew this time around. I know, domains are inexpensive, but I am not using this blog in a way that would make optimal use of what I’m paying for it. (And being frugal is fun.)

Honestly, I also don’t want to give WordPress the money anymore either. I have a deep distrust of all tech companies, and although WordPress has been good to me, they’re most likely just as evil as Amazon or Facebook. I don’t agree with their politics. Their featured posts are weighted in favor of the typical in-vogue topics of the day, and I understand that is probably because that’s what most people are interested in reading, but I don’t care for it and don’t support it.

So in September or October (can’t remember which), this blog will revert to being “” and it will include ads. If they’re for Tumblr or some other stupidity, I apologize, but there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s life on the Internet.

I have too much of a history on here to move the blog altogether, so it will stay on WordPress, unless I find a different host or a super-easy and seamless way to move. To be totally honest with you, I’m too lazy to care that much or look deeper into it, even though the solution is probably right under my nose. 🙂

Upon Being Open Minded

WARNING: This is a shallow, closed-minded post from a shallow, closed-minded individual.

Among my generation, the greatest attribute one can have is being open minded. This means accepting a variety of opinions without getting angry or stating that those opinions are wrong, despite the fact that they may contradict one’s own personal beliefs.

I’m a huge fan of this quote: “Be open minded, but not so open minded that your brain falls out.” If one is too open minded, she gets confused. Everything becomes true. By that same logic, nothing is true. Truths that a person learned as a child become contradicted by the time she goes to college and learns to become “open minded” like her peers. Without childhood truths to fall back on, because those are often derided as “close minded,” she may not know what to believe.

I do admit that one’s learned childhood truths are not always correct, and one may come to believe something different as one comes out of childhood. That’s fine and natural. Otherwise, we’d all still believe in the Tooth Fairy. What bothers me is when one does not stand up for what one believes for fear of being “closed minded” or “wrong.” So she attempts to believe whatever she hears.

For example, a fundamental truth of Catholicism is that abortion is wrong. Our hypothetical person considers herself to be Catholic. By accepting and believing and professing the tenets of one religion, one naturally must reject many others. They cannot all be true at once. Also, one cannot be Catholic without accepting all the teachings of the Church. It is not easy to accept that abortion is wrong, especially when one has been put in a position where many would consider abortion a good, sensible option. (I admit, it is very easy to understand why someone would choose abortion, especially considering how awful pregnancy, outside pressures, and stressful financial situations can be. However, that never makes it the right choice.)

Our hypothetical person is talking to a friend and discussing abortion. The friend is pro-choice, so in order to prove herself open minded, the hypothetical person’s new wishy-washy opinion is manifested, and she says something to the effect of “I can understand why you believe that. I personally would never have an abortion myself, but I am fine with it if someone else made that choice.”

Similarly, the friend might also say, “You’re Catholic, and I believe that all organized religion is a bunch of horseshit, but if you want to believe it, that’s cool.”

I don’t know if any legitimate arguments can be had when nobody stands up for their beliefs or has any beliefs to stand up for, which brings me to another quote that I believe describes my generation: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Be consistent, people. Being “closed minded” is honestly not that bad. Being strong in your beliefs and being a person of integrity is a virtue, not blindly accepting everyone else’s opinion on everything else because you want to get along or because you do not understand your own faith. If you believe you know the truth of something, say so.

Thursday Three #60

  1. A recent survey came out that said people are more afraid to share their opinion on matters than they were in the past. I’m not afraid to share my opinion, but I do dislike when everyone assumes that one’s opinion is the same as theirs, simply because they work at the same place, worship at the same place, live in the same town, or are members of the same family. Online, we like to create our own little echo chambers, and in real life, we are shocked when someone does not echo right along with us.
  2. Due to the coronavirus, I will be working from home until at least January. That is literally the best thing to come out of all this craziness. The two downsides to working from home are (1) I don’t have a printer (but I don’t really use one anyway), and (2) missing out on all the free food that my coworkers would sometimes bring to the office. Even so, the advantages of working from home far outweigh the disadvantages. No commute, more time with my family, fewer annoying meetings (except for Zoom), getting gas about once a month… I could go on and on.
  3. Can someone please tell me what a capet is and why it would need cleaning? I assume it’s like a carpet, but I’m really not sure…