THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 195

Lip Gloss

All day,
thoughts of the party
distracted me.
Liz’s glittery bracelets
jingled inside my backpack.
She gave me a tube
of lip gloss, too.
Pearlescent Pink.
Brand new.
“Pink would be a good color
for you,” she said.
I paid attention
long enough to focus
on another geometry proof,
but as soon as the bell rang,
I slipped into the bathroom,
twisted open the lip gloss,
broke the seal, and
gently brushed it onto my lips.
“Pink isn’t your best color,”
I heard from the doorway.
Lindsey stood there,
wearing all gray,
arms folded,
a smug-faced
storm cloud.

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Why Did I Buy This Big Fat Journal?

A few years ago, I had some money left on a gift card, so I bought a big fat journal. It’s made by Greenroom, whose products I like because they have nice paper and are really pretty.

Once upon a time, I used to get through journals pretty quickly. I’ll admit that most of what I wrote in them consisted of random observations, complaints, and funny stuff that I noticed. Nothing profound or worthy of being published at any point—just a brain dump.

I got sick of writing useless stuff in journals and instead began to use them for lists of important things I would otherwise forget, story ideas, work-related stuff, and so on. As I result, I wrote less often and the big fat journal that I started in May 2018 still is not finished nearly two years later.

In that interval, I have gotten several other journals as gifts, and they are sitting around sadly while my big fat journal gets all the attention (or none of it). So now I’m trying to fill the big fat one up with whatever I feel like writing about again; for example, a random quote from work: “Animals are a whole different breed of people.” (I overheard this across a couple cubes. I have no idea what the context is.)

The moral of this useless, random story is that, for me at least, there is no point in getting a big fat journal. The little tiny ones, or even plain old spiral notebooks, will do just fine.

THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 194


I must have been wrong
to ask Liz what I should wear
to the party.
It was like I lit a fuse
and set her off
on a rocket of chatter.
“You should totally
wear something… not so…
A skirt! Or a tank top!
Or both!
Definitely wear makeup.
And put on earrings.
You don’t have your ears
You have to get them
At least wear a necklace.
And some bracelets.
I have some glittery bracelets
you can borrow.
You do want to look good
for him, don’t you?”
But he likes me
the way I am.

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