Not Renewing My Domain

I forget exactly when I got my domain for this blog, but it was quite a while ago (at least 5 years). It was nice being able to drop “wordpress” off my URL and to avoid ads.

But the time has come to make a more practical decision and not renew this time around. I know, domains are inexpensive, but I am not using this blog in a way that would make optimal use of what I’m paying for it. (And being frugal is fun.)

Honestly, I also don’t want to give WordPress the money anymore either. I have a deep distrust of all tech companies, and although WordPress has been good to me, they’re most likely just as evil as Amazon or Facebook. I don’t agree with their politics. Their featured posts are weighted in favor of the typical in-vogue topics of the day, and I understand that is probably because that’s what most people are interested in reading, but I don’t care for it and don’t support it.

So in September or October (can’t remember which), this blog will revert to being “” and it will include ads. If they’re for Tumblr or some other stupidity, I apologize, but there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s life on the Internet.

I have too much of a history on here to move the blog altogether, so it will stay on WordPress, unless I find a different host or a super-easy and seamless way to move. To be totally honest with you, I’m too lazy to care that much or look deeper into it, even though the solution is probably right under my nose. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “Not Renewing My Domain

  1. I agree with you, and I’m also opting out of paying. It’s a lot of money for nothing in return. To actually do anything at all on this platform you have to pay a great deal, and even then I don’t think it’s worth it. I moved my other blogs to Blogger where to have a domain name costs $20 or so.


    1. Blogger is a lot easier. I used to have one some years back, but I liked that WordPress allows more customization. I don’t think I’d go back to Blogger, only because I’m so entrenched in WordPress at this point.

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