Thursday Three #60

  1. A recent survey came out that said people are more afraid to share their opinion on matters than they were in the past. I’m not afraid to share my opinion, but I do dislike when everyone assumes that one’s opinion is the same as theirs, simply because they work at the same place, worship at the same place, live in the same town, or are members of the same family. Online, we like to create our own little echo chambers, and in real life, we are shocked when someone does not echo right along with us.
  2. Due to the coronavirus, I will be working from home until at least January. That is literally the best thing to come out of all this craziness. The two downsides to working from home are (1) I don’t have a printer (but I don’t really use one anyway), and (2) missing out on all the free food that my coworkers would sometimes bring to the office. Even so, the advantages of working from home far outweigh the disadvantages. No commute, more time with my family, fewer annoying meetings (except for Zoom), getting gas about once a month… I could go on and on.
  3. Can someone please tell me what a capet is and why it would need cleaning? I assume it’s like a carpet, but I’m really not sure…


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