THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 354


Panic filled the air.
So many voices spoke at once,
making it impossible for me
to determine
what was really happening.
I slipped through the crowds,
invisible as usual.
Snatches of rumors
floated in one ear and out the other.
I had a hunch
that needed confirmation.
I stood on a small hill,
above all but the tallest students,
and scanned for Maddy and Amanda.
They were missing.
It could have been a coincidence…
or my hunch was correct.
I heard a shout.
“The shack! Where the Boogeyman hides!
That’s where the fire started!”
The storage shed.
I came down the hill.

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5 thoughts on “THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 354

  1. Awesome! What I like most about this poem is the imagery that it evokes. I can almost feel the hesitancy and anxiety of the speaker as he/she waits on the hill before venturing down.



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