THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 271

Moldy Yearbooks

Maddy’s eyes finally met mine,
and a staring contest ensued.
Lindsey interrupted it with a loud sniff.
Maddy jumped, startled.
Amanda giggled at Maddy, then choked
back the sound.
“Lindsey,” I said.
“What’s in there? What’s so important?”
She wiped a tear
and a trickle of snot,
shaking her head.
I’ll never get an answer.
Not from her.

Maddy grabbed my arm as I turned to go.
“Don’t tell anyone.”
What is in there?
Drugs? Money? Buried treasure?
A body?

“I don’t know what you guys want,” I said,
“with a bunch of moldy yearbooks.”
All three of them laughed.

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