Corona Days

The social distancing measures recommended (mandated?) by the government and other authorities are an introvert’s dream. I am actually enjoying staying at home. The apartment is cleaner and more organized than it has been in weeks, I am saving money by not eating at restaurants or driving as much, and I have no excuse to ignore all the books on my shelves in favor of books on the library’s shelves. I also get to avoid the meaningless break room banter at work, because I have been working from home since March 16.

All that said, I recognize that my position is extremely fortunate. I am so grateful to have a job that allows me to work from home. I am also very grateful to my in-laws and husband, who watch my son every day so I can work. I wake up in the mornings and thank God.

I’m sure you have all been hearing variants on “stay healthy,” “practice self-care so you don’t get too stressed” (ooh, I dislike the term “self-care”), “God is imposing a Great Lent on us, and we heathens deserve it,” and “wash your hands, ya filthy animal.” There really isn’t much more I can say that hasn’t already been said, and I don’t want to take someone else’s words and try to make them better.

So… Happy Easter! No matter what, there is hope in the Resurrection.

1 thought on “Corona Days”

  1. Homebody here as well, but working remotely is still quite hard for me because I have an incredibly active toddler who wants everyone to join in every overactive thing she does



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