Thursday Three #59

  1. The novel coronavirus (AKA COVID-19) has reached North Carolina. Naturally, everyone is freaking out and buying large quantities of sanitizing items and possibly building underground bunkers to stock with canned goods. My concern is that with all the sanitizing, the viruses and bacteria will eventually mutate to the point that they will develop immunity.
  2. I checked out Cardinal Robert Sarah’s The Day Is Now Far Spent at the library, but I doubt I will finish it because it is hard for me to read anything substantive these days because I rarely have time to sit down and get absorbed like I used to. My three observations about the book, mostly from skimming it:
    1. It’s written in a question-and-answer format. This breaks the book up into shorter sections, which is nice.
    2. Everything I’ve read so far is frighteningly accurate. Our society is in decline, and only prayer and silence will save our souls.
    3. All of you who are reading this and are Catholic… keep on keepin’ on. We’re doing something worthwhile, despite what the world thinks. Remember, the devil has a great deal of authority over the world.
  3. I have not started any new fiction since my attempt at NaNoWriMo. Camp NaNo is starting on April 1, but I doubt I participate. Like I said in #2 above, I hardly ever have time to sit down and get absorbed in something. So in the meantime, THE ARCHIVES will still be posted. There are only about 128 chapters to go until it’s all done. Thanks to all of you who are reading it!