THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 167


That thought gave me some perspective,
and as I wandered around the halls,
I thought about how little I knew
about the people I once judged.
Perspective went out the window
when I saw Lindsey.
She stood at the top of the stairs,
and I was at the bottom.
For once I was not looking
down at my shoes.
I was looking up.
Maybe that intimidated her
because she started to walk away
but I called her name.
I smiled at her,
but maybe she thought it was a sneer.
The fear in her eyes bothered me.

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4 thoughts on “THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 167

  1. Dropping off your list of endorsed blogs depresses me. Just another reminder that my well completely dried up two years ago. Ugh.

    Merry Christmas Mama Mags! 🎄


    1. I still endorse it! I just like to keep the list current. If someone hasn’t updated in over 6 months, I take the blog off. But it makes me sad when some of them (yours included) stop getting updated. I have a mental list of the ones I check now and then to see if they have been resurrected, but it’s rare when they do come back. Merry Christmas to you too!

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