Giving Up

My son got the flu, then a couple days later, I got a virus that was somehow not the flu, so it was not a happy few days in the apartment. Because I was dealing with the sickness, I got behind with NaNoWriMo, then figured that the stress of trying to get caught back up would not be worth it, so I decided not to try.

Maybe at some point, I will revisit the story again, but for now, I think it is best to let it be forgotten. My subconscious will work on it in my sleep, I know that much. I still like my “existing” stories a lot more, even though it has been so long since I’ve worked on them.

I keep telling myself that I’m going to get back to it, perhaps write 200 or 500 words a day, just as long as I write something. But by the end of the day, when the baby is finally in bed, I am ready to go to bed myself (even though it’s only like 7:30). So I end up sitting on the couch with my husband and reading a book until my eyes can’t stay open anymore.

I wish I could write until my eyes can’t stay open anymore, but reading is less effort. Then I tell myself that I will write about the books I read on this blog, so I technically will be writing at some point! Any writing is better than nothing, I suppose. Plus, the new year is coming, so that means… resolution time!