THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 75


I went back
to the spot
in the hall
on the wall
that looks like
a bullet hole.
I tried to imagine my school
erupting into chaos like a war zone.
Would I be brave enough to
help others get to a safe place?
Or would I die alone there,
maybe huddled in a broom closet,
scared, shivering, silent,
listening, waiting, hoping,
jumping at every
single tiny sound
until the carnage
reached an end?
I let my imagination run away
with me until the bell rings,
until I went back to class,
somehow sobered by those strange thoughts.
It won’t happen.

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5 thoughts on “THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 75

      1. My best friend from high school on Long Island has a son that had just graduated from the Sandy Hook school the year before the shooting. Scary to be that close to something like that. More for her, but also for me!


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