Thursday Three #52

The “life updates” edition!

  1. My son was only about 2 months old when I found out that I was about to become the aunt of identical twin girls! They were born on Tuesday, at 4 pounds 6 ounces and 4 pounds 8 ounces. So my son will have cousins close to his age. (And my brother will understand the joys of parenthood!) Life is better with siblings and cousins. 🙂
  2. Because my son is getting older, he’s going to need his own bedroom. So my husband and I are looking for a house, and hopefully we find something before the lease on the apartment runs out in November. This housing market is insane, but it seems to have gotten a tiny bit better lately (or maybe I’m getting used to the craziness). The issue is trying to find something in our price range that is also in a decent neighborhood. We don’t want to be “house poor,” but we also don’t want to be in a subdivision that will turn into a post-apocalyptic hellscape a few years from now either.
  3. In addition to THE ARCHIVES, I am working on another story, which I also plan to post online as it is revised, just not on this blog. I’ve been working on this one on and off forever (since 2004 or so), and it’s not my best work, but I still think it should have some kind of life outside my flash drive. More to come on this.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Three #52

  1. Cousins can be good. Mine are a mixed bag, but the good ones are pretty good (and the only family I have at this point). They’re all quite a bit older than me, and I think having one or two closer to my age might have been good when I was growing up.

    “it’s not my best work, but I still think it should have some kind of life outside my flash drive” I know this feeling. Yeah, better to let it out into the world.


    1. I rarely talk to my cousins and we weren’t close growing up because we lived so far away. My husband has no siblings, so he was very close to his cousins because they lived nearby. Proximity is important. 🙂


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