Ninth Blogiversary

Today’s my ninth blogiversary… and judging by statistics, my blog is basically dead, probably because of a combination of (1) I don’t post regularly anymore, (2) I post about religion more often than I used to and people get offended, (3) most of my posts are too dang long, and (4) I very rarely comment on others’ blogs. Also, if I really wanted to get pageviews and subscribers, I would have to make this blog a lot more specific, which would get boring. So there’s four directions I could go if I wanted to make it more “niche”: (1) writing, (2) book reviews, (3) “mommy” blog, or (4) Catholicism.

Honestly, I don’t write enough fiction these days to warrant making this strictly a writing blog. Book reviews and Catholicism are nice to write about every once in a while when I have something to say, but I don’t think I could dedicate the entire blog to either of them. And I’ve always found “mommy” blogs repugnant, especially if they end up being “TMI.” The only reason I’d even consider it is because it’s an easy topic. From what I’ve observed, people love talking about their kids, but not too many people like listening.

Blogging in general seems to have lost popularity over the years. People seem to be more interested in sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, which are based on images and not text. I could add images to the blog, but copyright becomes a problem unless I create my own graphics or take my own pictures. And I don’t do either of those because I’m not a graphic designer or a photographer.

Or, if I really wanted the blog to be easier on the eyes, I could do the sensible thing and break long posts up into bullet lists, several shorter posts, or divide the content under headings. But not all of my posts lend themselves to that, and it requires planning and multiple drafts. I don’t think I’ve ever really planned or done multiple drafts. I just type something and schedule it to be posted.

So in short, I doubt I change anything. This blog will continue to be a mashup of whatever the heck I want to write. It is a lot of work to run a blog and get a consistent following and number of comments and views, and to be honest, blogging goes way, way down on the priority list when you have a kid.

Nevertheless, I will carry on. 🙂 I have too much fun writing. Thank you to those who do continue to read!

11 thoughts on “Ninth Blogiversary

  1. You’re most welcome, and there’s nothing to be sorry about. You are who you are, and that’s great. And I’m glad you’re happy. Continue being so, please, and forge your own path. Onward!

    Best, Rich



  2. “So in short, I doubt I change anything. This blog will continue to be a mashup of whatever the heck I want to write.”

    Whew! That’s good news. I was concerned — specifically about the “mommy blog” option. 🙂

    My blog is in pretty much the same situation (long time since I looked at the stats, I admit). I can live with that. I’m going to keep at it, though, because it’s more fun than not doing it.

    I do always read your religion posts, by the way (well, I read all your posts), although, not being religious, I usually don’t have a lot to add. They are interesting, though.


  3. Good for you, make the blog the way you want to make it not how you think other people want to see it after all it is your blog in your baby 😀


      1. I am the same way. My old blog I have for years ,I posted what I thought others wanted to see,not want I wanted.. After I finished Homeschooling our son I closed it,tried two more after 3 year break . Was not happy so I close them.
        Then I opened this one and I’m very happy because I’m doing it for me 😀


  4. Omg this post is great❤️ couldn’t agree with it more. In every aspect. I decided to do a mommy blog but I also write about other stuff too. Which I don’t see a problem with you posting a bunch of different items


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