Advent Reflection Series #6

Are you letting God find you?

Supposedly, it is impossible to hide from God, who knows all and sees all. No thought is hidden, no action goes unnoticed. Some people find that creepy, like having a divine stalker. I mean, we already have enough to worry about with Google and Facebook watching our every move, right?

The difference is that God doesn’t want to steal your data and glean personal information. He has no need. He created you, after all. He already knows everything about you. He just wants you to reach out to him and stop hiding.

When I first read the question, I pictured someone standing out in the middle of a field with their arms outstretched screaming, “Here I am, Lord!” We may not do that literally, and we don’t need to be that dramatic. I suppose letting God find you is more a simple matter of praying and opening your heart to him. He does know everything, but in the act of telling him, you grow more open.