NaNoWriMo 2018 Wrap-Up

So I ended my “novel” at 50,144 words on November 29… and it wasn’t a novel. It never moved out of the realm of “diary,” and I suppose that’s fine because it kept me writing for a month, and I have been slacking in keeping a journal anyway. This is also my first NaNo win since losing in 2016 and 2017, so that means something.

This was also the first NaNo in which I had a midnight writing session. The entire time, I was trying to keep my word count a couple days ahead in case something came up and I fell behind. So one night, I couldn’t sleep due to a variety of pregnancy-related issues, and I wrote an extra day’s worth of words at midnight (Or was it 2 a.m.? Can’t remember.) and didn’t really feel all that tired the next day. I was able to think a little more clearly when writing at night because there wasn’t any noise or anything to distract me, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it. I’m still much more a morning person.

My hope was that I could get incentive to write some fiction again, whether that be a new story or picking up one of the old ones. Writing whatever happened to come into my head didn’t give me any inspiration, which is surprising because it has done so in the past. Well, that’s kind of a lie because I did get a bunch of blog post ideas.

In the end, I think the only thing that really gives me incentive to write fiction is to reread what I have written in the past and think that I can improve on it or get the desire to continue it. Even 100 words a day in a story is better than nothing.

How did your NaNo go?

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  1. I reached the end of my first draft on November 18. It was a little over 48,000 words but I knew my tale was fully told, so I called it a win. Going into the story, I would’ve been pleased to reach 40,000 before writing “The End,” so passing 48,000 was a nice surprise. I’ve tinkered with it a little since then, although not daily, and it’s at 49,000 now. The usual expectation should be that changing a first draft into a final draft means 10% shrinkage, but I expect mine to grow, since some areas might not be fully fleshed out. Maybe after that will be the revision that deletes 10% of the word count. But the bottom line is, I’ve written another book. Yay NaNo!

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    1. Yes! The story is done when it’s done. A word count is just an arbitrary measurement. It is nice to be able to say you amassed a ton of words, but if they don’t serve your story, then it’s not all that important. I find that most of my stories end up getting much longer, especially if they start out at only 50,000 words in the first draft.

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  2. Sounds like you may be where I’ve been for the last few years. Just this massive block with my internal editor telling me my writing is crap. Which, of course, makes it very difficult to write. I haven’t written much the last few years. But a couple of things might have cracked the door open recently. First, I was invited to write a short story and submit it for publication in a collection. The collection is based on a particular theme. I thought about it, came up with an idea and over the next month and a half managed to write and complete a short story of just over 5,000 words. Just not something I’ve done much of lately. And then over the last few weeks, a blogger who disappeared a few years ago reappeared. She puts up some poetry and flash prompts that seem to work for me. I’ve started writing in response to those prompts and it’s got me motivated again. I’m not writing every day, but the last two or three weekends, I’ve written more than in some time. And I’ve gone to a “half-completed” work in progress and feel like I’m ready to finish it.

    My point … it sounds like you kind of did this with NaNo, but try different things to crack open the door to creativity. Poetry. Paint. Something that’s different that can show you it can still be done.


    1. I’ve been hooked on Sudoku lately. Probably not doing much for my creative side, but spending my free time doing that makes me want to get back into writing more. Poetry may be something to try again.

      I’m glad you’re making progress. Even the smallest steps forward feel so much better than spinning your wheels doing nothing.

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