Having a Home Library

After reading this article (https://psmag.com/education/home-libraries-confer-long-term-benefits), I now feel justified in having a ton of books around the apartment. Many of them are my husband’s because I don’t tend to accumulate books, even though after reading the article I wish I did, and I wish I had kept many of my childhood favorites.

Children who grow up in homes with many books supposedly do better in not just reading, but also science and math. I suppose that is because (obviously) the parents are more learned and value learning, and if the parents value learning, they will teach the child those same values. It’s probably not the presence of the books themselves, but who knows? Perhaps if a bookshelf full of classic children’s literature was placed into a house where the parents didn’t read much or seem to care about learning, the children would feel curious and pick up the books.

The article states, “Children emulate parents who read,” which strikes me as absolutely true. I remember idly picking up my parents’ books and flipping through them when I was a kid because they fascinated me, but I could rarely get more than a page or two into them because they were written for adults and thus over my head. But perhaps the mere action of picking up a book and wondering what’s inside it can spark imagination and encourage a child to read more books in general.

So now when I want to buy another book, I can feel good knowing that I am building up my bookshelf and thus (hopefully) my child’s intelligence and curiosity.

2 thoughts on “Having a Home Library

  1. My parents had always had a lot of books around (hey, they met when they both worked at a library, and my mother much later had a bookstore), and I ended up reading (and writing) a lot.

    That’s a very small sample, and therefore probably not really scientifically convincing, but even so I tend to think you’re right. 🙂

    The first time I ever read a book myself was when my father was reading it to me and he wasn’t reading enough at each session (he was less into reading to me than my mother was), so I got impatient and finished reading the book myself.

    Which could have been the plan, of course. He was pretty canny…


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