Who’s Winning the Culture War?

One of my favorite nonfiction books is a tiny volume by Peter Kreeft, titled How to Win the Culture War. It was published in 2002, when most people believed that the culture war announced by Pat Buchanan had ended and talking about it was a moot point. If the so-called culture war was between the Right and the Left, the Left had surely won, and they seem to be gaining more victories even today.

In Kreeft’s book, the culture war isn’t about Right versus Left per se; it’s about an ancient war: the culture of life versus the culture of death. In short, the culture war is about where you’re going to spend eternity, and whether we like it or not, we all will have to make that choice. The secular culture hinders our journey toward life.

We often mistakenly believe that other humans are our enemy. If you’re a Democrat, Republicans are the enemy and vice versa. If you’re an NC State fan, then you may think UNC fans are the enemy. If you only drink Pepsi, you just can’t understand why some people drink Coke, and so on. Humans like to create animosity and rivalries. It’s just how we are.

But the enemy is not a human. The enemy has been causing our demise for thousands of years. The enemy is the devil. Now some people may laugh at that and say that the devil doesn’t exist, Christianity is a fairy tale, and so forth. But that is exactly what the devil wants you to think. The book by Kreeft outlines ways that we can be aware of the devil’s presence in our lives and how he has infiltrated the secular culture, and how we can fight against the secular society even though it appears that the other side has already won. We are each in a battle for the fate of our own soul, and we are called to help others fight that battle as well. The trick is helping others in a tactful and compassionate way, and that is a whole ‘nother blog post. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Who’s Winning the Culture War?

  1. Other than that whole Coke-Pepsi thing, I don’t think anybody is my enemy. This is the thing that drives me crazy about our culture, our politics, our society … we can’t see each other as humans, we must denigrate, belittle, and hate those who believe otherwise, we must dominate and show our superiority. Power is what matters, not cooperation or collaboration. Tired of it.

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