Something Worthwhile from CNN?!?

CNN and all the mainstream news networks are so full of garbage that every time I go on there, I roll my eyes in sheer exasperation at the level of stupidity. But every now and then, someone writes a decent opinion column, like this one: “Three questions, from Tolstoy, for mindful parenting,” by David G. Allan.

These are the three questions:

  1. What is the right time to begin anything?
  2. Who are the right people to listen to?
  3. What is the most important thing to be doing at any given time?

I’m not a parent, but I thought all of the questions and their answers were applicable to pretty much any situation, not only between parents and children. The answers to the questions also depend on what you’re talking about. The right time to begin something could be right now, or it could be several years down the road, depending on how long the thing in question takes to begin properly.

The right people to listen to… could be your own intuition. In case of parenting, the right person to listen to could be your own child. Many parents think they (or a “professional”) know best without consulting the child to determine what he or she would want.

The most important thing to be doing at any given time, in terms of raising a child, is being present with your child. Not playing on your phone or thinking of the next thing you have to do. Just simply being there.

Perhaps these are questions to ask yourself when embarking on any new project, whether it be starting a new job, raising a kid, or doing something related to writing. It helps to take a step back and listen to yourself and think about what you’re going to do and why you’re doing it, so you can be more intentional about it.

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