The Young and the Deskless

There’s a popular Internet meme that goes like this:

Exasperated Parent: Go to your room!

Today’s Child: Oh, you mean the place with my phone, TV, and computer? I’M ON MY WAY!

When you were sent to your room as a child, did you want to stay there? What did you have in your room? A telephone, board games, a TV, a video game system, a cabinet full of toys?

I never had a TV, but I always had toys and books, and when I was a teenager, I had my Game Boy and a radio. I neither had a phone nor wanted one. I didn’t get a computer in my room until I was in college. At that point, I also got a desk on which to set up the computer (it was a big clunky desktop). The desk was where I did all of my writing until 2016, when I finally got a laptop and was no longer confined to my room.

Do kids today have desks in their rooms? Do they have books? If they don’t, they ought to. I’m concerned about kids not having decent attention spans because all they can focus on is the world inside a tablet or a phone. The standardized tests today cannot measure their ability to focus, their creativity, or their critical thinking.

There is something magical about desks and writing and books that encourages creativity. Kids should be taught from an early age that what is inside their imagination is important and should be expressed. What better place to do that than at one’s own desk?

5 thoughts on “The Young and the Deskless

  1. My kids all had or have desks and books in their bedrooms. It wasn’t until the last year or two that screens (not television, but tablets) have invaded that space.


  2. I like your insight, Maggie. I had a desk in front of a window. Our house was on a side street, and occasionally cars or people would walk by. I felt somehow connected to the world despite the hours I spent studying to do well in school. I am sitting at a desk by the window of my house today while I blog and answer emails as well, and enjoying it!


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