Blog (and Life) Updates

I know it has been a really long time since I last posted, and I feel bad about that because I’ve had tons of good blog ideas but no time to write them down. (I feel even worse because I’ve had tons of good story ideas but no time to write those down either.) Ideas are funny things. They multiply exponentially when you have no time to explore them. So here’s what’s been going on:

  • I recovered from the car accident and got the money back from the other driver’s insurance company after having a lawyer twist their collective arm (long story). Sometimes my foot still feels a little weird, and I wonder now if it will always feel weird when the weather changes.
  • Work was a beast. Seems like every year, the busy season gets busier. It led to me working a ton of overtime in August, which is good because more money, but it’s bad because more stress.
  • I moved into an apartment last month—a huge change because until then I lived with my parents (yeah, I was one of those millennials). Fortunately, it’s in a safe area, it’s so close to work that my commute is cut in half, and there’s not a whole bunch of noise except for the occasional movements of the Upstairs Stomper. Future husband is going to be 100% moved in after the wedding (most of his stuff is already here).
  • Wedding planning and running around to various appointments took up a lot of time. If anyone asks me for wedding advice after this, I would have to tell them that the number one thing to remember is to take time to stay organized. It makes everyone’s lives much, much easier and greatly reduces the likelihood of the bride turning into a bridezilla.
  • My WordPress domain has expired, which is just as well because I’m going to have to change it upon getting married anyway, although my new last name is just as generic as my old last name, so I’m wondering if I ought to just leave it as is. 🙂 (Three cheers for anonymity!)
  • Speaking of blogging, I want to try to get back to my old consistent schedule in October or November, depending on how long it takes to deal with post-wedding/post-honeymoon stuff. I really miss my blog… and reading/commenting on others’ blogs. Thank you all for your patience as I sort through Real Life™.

4 thoughts on “Blog (and Life) Updates

  1. Real Life does interfere from time to time, doesn’t it? Oh, well. Gives us more interesting things to write about. 🙂

    Glad you’re recovered (at least mostly) from the accident. And missing some blog posts for a wedding and honeymoon? That’s one of the better reasons, I must say.


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