Notebook Review: Non-Customizable Arc

Staples has this new (not sure how new it actually is) notebook out now that’s called the Arc. It’s completely customizable, so you can basically create your dream organizational system from scratch if you are a huge stationery nerd and enjoy such things as bullet journaling. The Arc is so awesome that it has its own branding and symbol, which looks like this:


The point of writing all that is because I obtained a notebook from my brother (he got it when he started his new job and didn’t want it, so it became mine) and noticed that it had the same logo but was completely non-customizable. I have no idea how it relates to the Arc brand, and I can’t find it anywhere online, so if I wanted another one, I’d have no idea how to get it. (I guess if I got a job at my brother’s company, I could, but that ain’t happening.)

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I enjoyed the look and feel of the notebook. It looks super professional, and the hard, durable cover means it can survive many shoves into a briefcase and accidental drops from great heights. Each page has a little line for the date and the Arc logo at the bottom, which made me feel as if I was an archivist for some kind of Staples-related cult. The paper had a nice weight and feel and was perforated, which came in handy when someone asked me if they could have a sheet of paper. This notebook thankfully was spiral bound with a tough coil that did not come loose from the covers.

The only downside to the notebook was that it had too few pages, so I got through it in a little over a month. But if I could somehow find it, I would highly recommend it as a notebook to use at work to take notes at meetings, not necessarily as a personal journal, which was what I used it for.

9/26/16 to 11/6/16. This is the back; front is covered with a large political sticker.