Top 40 Selection: YOLO and Destruction

Some silliness for your Tuesday:

The latest Top 40 monstrosity to hit the charts is “Closer” by the Chainsmokers (the group most well known for the irritating and amusing hit “#SELFIE”) featuring Halsey, about whom I know nothing. I was initially drawn into the song because of its beat, and I couldn’t stop listening even when the song devolved into a nostalgic musing about sex in the backseat of a gas-guzzling vehicle that one of the lovers owns but cannot afford. Classy. “We ain’t never getting older” is the song’s refrain, marking it as yet another YOLO (you only live once) anthem. The message of the song? Hook up with someone you were with 4 years ago simply because you saw them at a party and because, well, YOLO.

Then there’s the addictive “Gold” by Kiiara (not a typo, I promise). The song’s over-processed, chopped-up chorus is unique, and the lyrics are oddly open to interpretation and not as shallow as the average song that discusses gold in one’s teeth. Kiiara herself did explain the meaning of the song, and I found it too simplistic, so I made up my own. 🙂

The way I overanalyze interpret the lyrics is that the girl’s boyfriend is unfaithful, uncaring, and not quite right in the head, and because of that, chaos has entered the relationship (“roof is falling,” “roof is on fire”). Because the girl perceives that her boyfriend doesn’t care (“I could leave the party without ever letting you know”), she sleeps with his brother and writes the song as a big “f**k you.” She’s got “gold up in” her teeth, so she’s rich and pretends that she no longer cares, but she’s still heartbroken and upset over the guy’s callousness because she still misses him “in the basement,” which probably has a filthy double meaning, but I interpret it as a reference to the way the relationship was before the guy’s true colors were revealed (grounded, as opposed to being “up” and able to fall, like the roof).

But a simpler explanation would be that the couple and others at a party smoked a bunch of weed, someone left a joint unattended, something caught fire, the house started to burn down, the roof fell, and the boyfriend didn’t bother to rescue her.

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