Where Is Depth?

Where can depth be found in today’s world? Surely not on TV, where reality shows present stylized, unrealistic versions of life. Not in the movie theaters, where a character’s life is one high-stakes car chase after another. Perhaps online, but one must know the correct places to go and not get lost pursuing ends that are ultimately revealed to be chaff. Books and libraries may hold depth for the most part, but the wisdom enshrined in those sacred spaces is often forsaken in favor of something more instantly pleasing, like a more recently published beach read.

Depth can be found within the human mind, heart, and soul, if one is not too afraid to go deeper, to hold the mirror up to oneself, to see oneself from different perspectives and focus on how he or she can improve. People are deep. Each of us is a great repository of memories, emotions, longings, fears, joys, and much more. Depth can be found in relationships and in taking the time to learn about people and truly get to know them. Let not your shallow first impressions be the only insight you get into who a person actually is!