Starting Off

I did end up hand-writing my NaNoWriMo novel in a notebook—a 100-page green spiral notebook that was on the clearance rack at OfficeMax (and I only bought it because I irrationally felt sorry for it; OfficeMax always has that creepy about-to-go-out-of-business vibe).

Based on the size of my handwriting, I can reach the 1,667-word daily limit in about six pages (three pages front and back). It’s a long, hard slog that would definitely be made easier if I were typing, but the main only reason I’m hand-writing is so I won’t have to drag a flash drive and laptop everywhere and worry that they are either going to get lost or lose charge at a crucial moment, respectively.

As for the story, I’m not sure how it’s going yet. My main character Eliza is at her high school graduation party, and someone may have spiked her drink, because everything she’s experiencing has taken on the color of a bad dream. Basically, it’s hallucinatory with a ton of run-on sentences and a lot of fun.

How’s your NaNo starting off?

5 thoughts on “Starting Off

  1. I did enough writing yesterday to make up for how few words I’ll write today. I established yesterday that the story works. Now I just have to do likewise.

    I’m typing, by the way. I’ll scribble notes from time to time and flesh them out on the computer later, but that’s about it. I have written many novels by hand, but this isn’t going to be one of them. To do that, I’d need a Kinsey Millhone stack of index cards because I keep shuffling so many things around.

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    1. I tend to jot things down in a notebook and when I try to type them up later, I can’t find them in the forest of my horrible handwriting.


    1. I’ll probably end up posting some of it on the blog for days when I’m too busy with writing to actually write a real blog post. 🙂


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