Time-Traveling Phone Conversations

Several years ago, a friend and I were talking on the phone. (This was in the good old days of dial-up Internet.) We were talking merrily, without any reason to suspect that anything might be amiss, when we heard a series of odd beeps on the line. We then heard two women talking, but they did not seem as though they heard us at all or were even aware that another party was on the other line. I don’t remember exactly what their conversation was about, but I remember that my friend said that one of the women sounded like an older version of me.

Even now, I think about that odd incident in light of what kind of fictional scenarios it could create. What if the woman was actually a future version of me who somehow time-traveled back into the past? What if the phone conversation represented a message from an alternate universe? What if the woman on the other end was one of my ancestors from the long-ago days when the telephone was first invented? Or, for the less imaginative among us, what if it was just a plain old boring coincidence that the woman on the other line happened to sound like me?

It’s interesting how just one odd occurrence can spawn all sorts of what-ifs. This is the kind of stuff NaNoWriMo novels are born from. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Time-Traveling Phone Conversations

    1. Cool episode. BTW my daughter says that you, your mom, me and my mom all sound alike. Could you have been listening in on someone in your house when the lines crossed and found out the beginnings of a family secret that would (of course) change your life forever?


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