The Thursday Three #29

  1. Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina harder than I initially thought it would. Last Saturday started off innocently enough, with what seemed to be your average stormy day of wind and rain, but it escalated quickly. The rain relentlessly created lakes in yards and on roads, and the wind broke tree limbs and scattered them everywhere. Fortunately, I did not lose power except for a few brief flickerings, so I did get some NaNoWriMo planning done. Areas surrounding my house were not so lucky… power was out for several days, and flooding destroyed a lot of property. The hurricane also managed to break the town’s water system somehow, so several subdivisions had no water at all, and the public schools were closed for this entire week (and this coming Monday).
  2. My unpopular opinion on Trump’s lewd comments: Who hasn’t made sexually charged boasts in a locker room (or in the company of close friends) before? Who hasn’t talked trash when they were in a particularly arrogant mood? I know that doesn’t make what Trump said right, but my point is… we’re all human, and we can all be filthy animals at times. Where Trump went wrong was when he decided to act on his baser instincts, if the women’s accusations are true. Based on what I know about Trump, it seriously wouldn’t surprise me if they were.
  3. It’s taking me a long time to get through it, and even though I haven’t yet finished, I highly recommend Venerable Fulton Sheen’s Peace of Soul. Although it was written in 1949, its message still rings eerily true today, and it may be even more appropriate for the chaotic age in which we live.

There has been no single influence which has done more to prevent man from finding God and rebuilding his character, has done more to lower the moral tone of society than the denial of personal guilt.

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  1. I thought McCrory was crying wolf about Hurricane Matthew to distract us from the damage he hath wrought, so I didn’t prepare beyond filling the car with gas. We weren’t damaged, but we were without electricity for 12 hours. Fortunately the weather wasn’t hot, and I have a flashlight that clips onto the book I was planning to read over the weekend anyway. Power was restored 10 minutes before the first of my Sunday edits came in, so all was well. Glad you’re fine too. I’m still banging away on my NaNo project 50-100 words of notes at a time. The file is messy but I do have a plan for it.

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  2. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with all of the hurricane aftermath! Glad to know that you’re okay. All we have is tornadoes in the Midwest and that’s terrifying enough. Hope that things get back to normal for you and your neighbors very soon!


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